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Research Service

We offer a research service for those who are unable to visit our library.

It is the Group's policy that we do not commence research until the applicable fee is received.

There is an initial, non-refundable search fee of $10.00 which is required with your request before any investigation into your inquiry will be conducted.

Please forward this to the Group with your FIRST inquiry, either by cheque or direct deposit, the reference being your name if paying by direct deposit. This fee covers a search of the resources to see if there is sufficient information to answer your query. Upon receipt of a research request, an acknowledgment will be emailed or posted to the enquirer.

BSB: 802367                 Account No. 400654977

A further research fee of $40 per family name will be required should the initial request uncover a considerable amount of information or your request is complex. This covers information our Group’s library resources, local newspapers, family files and local knowledge. This fee will cover up to 15 photocopies and postage if necessary, or results can be emailed. You will be advised if there is any additional information available over and above the research fee.

Please make your requests clear, with enough detail to identify your person of interest. If you hold certificates or other relevant details, please advise so that we do not duplicate information already in your possession.

RESEARCH MAY TAKE 8 TO 10 WEEKS, depending on the number of inquiries received and the availability of the Research Team.

All research will be dealt with by order of date received, promptly and as accurately as possible.

Please download the Interactive Pedigree Chart & Interactive Family Chart by clicking on the name of the chart.

Save these charts to your computer & then fill in the information you already have. 

Once completed please email the charts back to the Group with your request & payment.

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